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The Only Eco Friendly Hemp & CBD Company

A unique range of Hemp and CBD products from an independent, ethical company. Our products are organic and natural. Our packaging is zero waste. All without compromising price or quality.
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Why Choose Hemp By Nature?

We Are...


We provide you with all the information we can so you know exactly what you’re buying. We even show you our packaging and its environmental impact (if any).

We Are...


We are more concerned with spreading the word and helping people to help themselves with hemp than with profits. Our prices are fair and we don’t use fancy marketing terminology designed to mislead vulnerable consumers.

We Are...

Zero Waste

The packaging we use is either fully compostable, reusable or 100% recyclable from home. We don’t use any plastics!

  • Responsible, Eco-Friendly Products
  • Any 'plastic' in our packaging is made from plant material and is compostable!
  • Our glass bottles are reusable and easily recycled from home
  • Our products are derived from organically grown hemp and are free from artificial contaminants or additives
  • Our products are legal in the UK and most of the world
  • We are completely transparent - we don't hide information or display misleading product descriptions